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Are you too tired to wash your face at night? This is for YOU!

Are you too tired at the end of your day to wash your face? Let’s rethink your routine!

Why is double cleansing your skin at the end of the day so important? At night is when your pores open up to breathe. So everything that you’ve had on your skin all day- SPF, make up, environmental pollutants, sweat, oil- is being absorbed into the skin if you do not wash it off before bed. The first cleanse removes all of that surface debris and the second cleanse is coming in direct contact with your skin and cleansing and treating your skin. Also, at night while you’re sleeping is when your skin is regenerating. Do you want all that muck slowing down your regeneration process and clogging your pores or do you want your pores opening up to absorb all the wonderful ingredients in your skin care regimen? So often I hear from my clients that when it’s time to wash their face at the end of the day they are simply too tired to do so.

Let’s rethink that plan...what if, when you get home for the day, you kick off your shoes, put your jammy pants on (or whatever your “I just got home” routine is) and at that point you wash your face? One great advantage to that is all of those yummy ingredients in your skin care products get to be on your skin and absorbed by your skin all those extra hours. You wouldn’t go to bed without brushing your teeth or wake up in the morning without brushing your teeth so give your skin the same loving care and put your best face forward. An effective skin care routine does not have to be complicated. If all you have the time, energy and budget for is a cleanser and moisturizer at night- that’s a great start!

So rethink your routine- if you wash your face as soon as you are in for the day- you’re going to be so much more awake and alert to do so. If you wait till you’re ready to fall asleep it’s so much easier to talk yourself out of doing. Slip those shoes off, put your jammy pants on and go wash your face, baby- it’s the only one you’ve got. Here’s to #yourbestskinever

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