What is a facial? Why do you NEED one?

Have you ever wondered what a facial IS or why you NEED one?

From the moment you arrive at Healing Hands Skin Therapy, we strive to make you feel at ease. We present you w/ a consult card to fill out so we can learn more about your skin and a cool glass of water to ensure you’re hydrated.

We then get you settled in the treatment room where the Himalayan salt lamp emits a soft, cleansing glow and the aroma of essential oils begin to have a relaxing effect on the body (not to mention the yummy square of dark chocolate on your pillow). You then slip onto the treatment table where the ergonomically designed cushions absorb the stress and your customized facial begins.

We start out with a double cleansing of the skin, and depending upon which treatment you choose- either we proceed with exfoliation, extractions, serum application, a customized masque and hot towels, or maybe a chemical peel. Don’t worry though, our peels stand out as highly effective with minimal irritation and redness. Your treatment is finished up with a hydrating toner spray, a serum, moisturizer, tinted SPF and lip gloss. At the end of your treatment, our goal is for you to feel refreshed, renewed, relaxed, yet invigorated. We will serve you more water or a cup of hot tea of your choice.

What are you waiting for? Come see us for #yourbestskinever.

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