The Difference Between Skin Type & Skin Condition

Have you ever thought that skin type and skin condition were the same thing? Let's talk about the difference...

Skin "type" is usually classified as normal, oily, dry or combination. We use skin type a lot in the skin care world to help determine what type of care is best for your skin.

Do you have "normal" skin? You will probably want to exfoliate regularly and get on a foaming gel cleanser and medium weight moisturizer to gently strip away impurities and keep the skin hydrated and protected.

Oily skin? You may want to start using a clay-based cleanser to help absorb the extra oil that the skin is producing and an oil free moisturizer to add hydration but not more oil. Also, exfoliating oily skin regularly can help bacteria not build up under dead skin cells and turn into acne. A side note, oily skin tends to wrinkle less than dry skin. :)

Dry skin? Try a creamy, moisturizing cleanser and an oil rich moisturizer to help hydrate, plump and protect the skin from premature aging.

Skin "condition" is the present condition that the skin is in and can affect all skin "types". Internal body changes as well as external climate can determine skin "condition" as well.

Dehydration & dryness (yes, they are 2 different things!) acne, hyperpigmentation, and aging are a few common skin conditions. When treating various skin conditions, you always want to take into consideration what the skin "type" is. These two awarenesses can help cure the skin condition while maintaining balance for the skin type. Some skins are more trickier than others- but when you take these two things into consideration- there is usually a solution to balance the skin "condition" for your skin "type"!

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