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Why is toner important?

Toning isn't just for your abs!

I can't count the number of times people have asked me why they should use a toner. What is it? Why use it? What does it do? When you think of toner do you automatically have a flashback to the 80's and think of saturating a cotton ball with "Sea Breeze"? (Is that just me?) I can still remember the smell... and that feeling of tight, dry skin. In some weird way there was a satisfaction that came with seeing dirt and grime on that cotton ball. What I didn't realize is that it meant my cleanser was not effectively doing it's job. But then what can one expect from Noxzema or whatever other cleanser was in fashion at the time? The right toner should not leave you feeling tight and dry. The right toners are full of humectants which is a fancy word for moisture- carrying ingredients. We always recommend a double cleanse for your skin at the end of your day. The first cleanse removing oil, spf, etc and the second cleanse coming in direct contact with your skin and cleansing and treating your skin. Once cleansing is complete, immediately spray toner on the skin to carry moisture in and to prep for moisturizer. The right toner can reduce redness, firm the skin, add hydration without adding oil, and more. It can be a great refresher after the gym or a quick spritz to help wake you up during that 3 o'clock slump. It can't help tone your abs but it CAN help your skin be healthy, hydrated and refreshed. Spray away!

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