Why Masque?

So, we've talked about the importance of exfoliation- now let's talk about the art of masque-ing.

So after you have exfoliated, hence removed all the dead skin cells, your skin is perfectly primed to receive all the positive elements, nutrients, vitamins, etc that a masque can provide.

Skin dry or dehydrated? Try a hydrating masque. Skin needing a shot of vitamins, and help stimulating collagen and elastin to achieve more firmness and elasticity? Try a vitamin- rich masque. Skin looking dull, clogged or pigmented? Try a charcoal masque.

There are SO MANY OPTIONS. Some masques can even be mixed into your moisturizer for an extra boost. So often, people will be tempted to skip this step but it really does make such a difference in the health and condition of your skin and it only takes 5 minutes. Most masques need only to be on 5-10 minutes to achieve results and some can even be left on to absorb completely into the skin and not have to be rinsed off at all!

Not sure where to start or what your skin needs? We're here to help answer your questions and to help you achieve #yourbestskinever P.S. Masque vs Mask... It sounds and looks fancier, we're not talking about Zorro or Batman, and the owner of our skincare line is British. (Insert dab motion here).

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